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About Us


Strategy and Positioning

We work closely with Chief Executives and Chairs who are driving major change management, providing advice, counsel and hands-on support throughout the process and as it embeds.  


We have extensive experience of working with complex stakeholders that require sensitive and sophisticated handling. 


We work with Chief Executives and senior teams to enhance and protect their organisation’s reputation. We offer a full-service support including: message development and testing; media strategy and execution; social media strategy and execution, internal communications; stakeholder communications; 1:1 media training, presentation training and Select Committee training; and content creation.



We run focus groups and 1:1 interviews to provide candid and insightful perceptions reports for organisations wanting this information to inform the creation or evolution of their strategy.

We also partner with opinion polling firms to deliver high-quality quantitative research as needed.


Let's talk

If you’d like to find out more about how we work and how we can support you, do fill in the form below.

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